Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sunshine and roses..

Simple Joys

Little things in life that make me smile.
a cold dr pepper
a smile from a friend
a compliment from a stranger
a well worded email or comment on my facebook
good grades
playing my favorite songs on my ipod
being able to dance around crazily
an i love you from my baby sister
watching it rain..

i think too often we take life for granted
not everyone gets the opportunities we get

i cannot say that i have never taken life for granted.but now i make an attempt to smile more, to enjoy little things now..cuz it wont be long before i cant enjoy them.
Live to its fullest. No im not saying go spend all your money on a new xbox and enjoy the matierial joys...
notice the little things, ever have something that just makes you smile, something a fresh notebook? new socks/shoes? a sip of your favorite drink, a certain smell or friend?
i find a fresh sketchbook to be very reassuring, a finished sketch even more so.

enjoy the little things, before they pass you by.

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