Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boys are yucky

after my recent breakup i have made a vow to take my time before getting into another relationship. but for some reason, a girl who says no is irresistable. in the four weeks since i started school (almost three months since my breakup) i have had no less then five, yes five, guys tell me they liked me, and only two of them havent pressured me for a relationship. its not that i couldnt like these people, but im trying really hard to give myself time to heal and be myself.
being single allows you to be completely unrestrained from others, you can hang out with whoever, whenever without feeling guilty. ts not that im a man hater, or that i dont hope to be married one day, but i want to be able to recover lol.
i think i am inheriting aphirdiotes abilities or something

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