Sunday, January 31, 2010

You know you screwed up when...

Today marks the almost six month anniversary of me going away to college, and i dare say it feels like im sixty years older since i went away. You learn alot the first time you live on your own...
Me,im still learning alot. But i can honestly say i learned aot mroe than i thought i needed to. I have gained such insight on myself. I learned that i can be quite a coward when it comes to certain things. Certain cars, stairs, ice, and arguments make me sweat.
While i have been away, i realize mom and dad were right about so many things, and i used to swear they didnt know anything. Well obviously i was wrong. My parents have been my steadfast place to go when everything else is going wrong. They always told me they would love me no matter what, and they were right.

I have fought my way through depression, denial, and hurt. And i am stronger because of it. Now i am so amazingly happy, i have an amazing boyfriend, my school is going well, i have a job that i love. as sad as i used to be thats how happy i am now.
I love you mom and dad
I love you michael

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Financial Aid/Moving and other fun forms

Went in to discuss housing options as of now since my roommate moved out and so did my friend Miss L's(changed for privacy) Because i hate D hall so much(the block i live in) i am hoping i will get to be Miss L's roommate as she is a fairly close friend and stuff. But due to freezing of the system as they check adn see who is still here and who is not i get to wait it out and see if this will even be an option by the end of te month. Also i checked my financial aid and to my understanding, this is not a final quote i am getting this double checked tomorrow, as of now with all of my current fin aid paid to my account already i still owe over 1300 dollars. Im pretty torked about it as i got the same amount of money tis semester if not more to help me.
So i go in tomorrow to get this double checked and see if i have more money coming in. if not i may have to take out a loan again....which i would prefer not do because i would ave been fine wihtout one last semester if i had not jumped the gun.
So there is my venting for the day

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I miss you the most

Im 500 miles away from home
and you are so far away
but this is merely temporary
a test
we will be together again
now i must be strong
and do well in school
so that we may have a strong future
i love you dearest

Monday, January 11, 2010

back at school

im back at school. so yeah...thats it