Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Financial Aid/Moving and other fun forms

Went in to discuss housing options as of now since my roommate moved out and so did my friend Miss L's(changed for privacy) Because i hate D hall so much(the block i live in) i am hoping i will get to be Miss L's roommate as she is a fairly close friend and stuff. But due to freezing of the system as they check adn see who is still here and who is not i get to wait it out and see if this will even be an option by the end of te month. Also i checked my financial aid and to my understanding, this is not a final quote i am getting this double checked tomorrow, as of now with all of my current fin aid paid to my account already i still owe over 1300 dollars. Im pretty torked about it as i got the same amount of money tis semester if not more to help me.
So i go in tomorrow to get this double checked and see if i have more money coming in. if not i may have to take out a loan again....which i would prefer not do because i would ave been fine wihtout one last semester if i had not jumped the gun.
So there is my venting for the day

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  1. is the aid even applied to your account? you went through this last semester too and everything turned out fine by the end. It will change after you drop that class. and make sure they're not charging you for a single room.