Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let me tie my shoes

i love my life. i have been in this shift of mind where i keep reflecting. the more i think about what i have been through, the happier i am that i never gave up. i have a great life. no its not perfect, but since when is life perfect? Me? i think i got pretty darn close.

this last year i see as a continuing test that i forgot to study for. now i get to cram and try to pass. I didnt do so hot last semester in school. now i get to make up for it. I get to retake the courses and still graduate slightly on time. Now its only my associates, but its a start. i then plan to head over to unm or another similar university and get my bachelors in secondary education. a bad semester isnt the end of the world. It's a chance to prove the world hasnt got you yet.

I think a problem i have been facing is a lack of motivation. i had a hard time getting excited about doing things that needed to be done. But now that i have my schedule figured out and a pretty good idea of what im doing the next two years....im PSYCHED! i cant wait to start teaching! especially art....sigh i love art! and...its almost like God is nodding in approval. i talked to several people about my plans...including an old teacher friend of mine, who said they always pictured me becoming a teacher.

Now its up to me to get back on track, get focused and start running to the finish line. but this isnt a sprint. Life is a marathon, and if you give up..you will never finish. The thing about races though...often you find people on the sidelines along the way, offering support, encouragement, and a cool refreshment.

I have my team, i have my running shoes. now its time to pick myself up and keep running. after all a marathon isnt about winning.....its about doing your best to get to that finish line

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