Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging about a BOB

so..i love short hair i adore it sooo much. but...since the potential of a wedding is in my imminent future..we are talking a year or two. and i would love to have a mid length bob by then, long enough to curl, put up whatever i decide to do with it for my wedding. plan is that in eighteen months, i will have that do. I will do nothing but trim my hair, so that the ends begin to match up. I need help doing this. i get bored with my hair so i cut it again. if i want to grow it out i cant touch it.. so if you happen to read about me thinking about a hair cut in the next few years please argue with me about it raise hell. i want better hair for my do that i cant keep cutting it.
so day one....the top is three inches long, the back is 2.75.
to get the bob i want i need roughly eleven or twelve inches on top, ten or eleven on hair grows roughly an inch a month, maybe a little less. so i have a good...umm eight months or so to get that hair cut and maintain it
would love your support!!

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  1. Ok, here's help: DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR!! Ok, I'm done.