Thursday, June 17, 2010

Im a bad kid

sigh...yeah that about sums it up. i have always considered myself to be the black sheep of the family. mostly cuz i always got in trouble the most when i was a kid..and still do to this day. the red headed step child if you may. idk i always saw my self very separated from the rest of my family..idk how to explain it. even when i was sitting there with my whole family i felt very i wasnt really a part of them.
needless to say im a bad kid. thats not how families are supposed to be. families are supposed to be comfortable with each other, not stressing each other out, and patient. i am exactly the oppposite. i cause trouble.
im a bad example
i cant seem to do this right. i cant be a good example..or a stress free sister they want to hang out with. sigh..what to do
i guess im still not used to living back at home yet.

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