Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why i Love You

when all the lights went out
and all seemed lost
when earth was about
to become a lost cause

there was a light
it seemed to get dimmer
no one moved towards it
it was barely a glimmer

earth cradled the candle
affection overflowing
not too hot to handle
and love was going

Through her veins
and into her heart
which bled so often
earth was torn apart

but the flame was moving
and it healed the rest
of her poor heart that was fluttering
for you knew what was best

but along came this candle
and once it had wick
it grew to the sun
because it had its pick

of affection so great
that bloomed into love
which grew into bonds
destined above

and earth changed alot
from a dark little seed
to a blossom so bright
it would not be believed

her stem grew tall
her leaves grew wide
her blossoms were amazing
and love took them astride

as the sun kissed the blossom
it became a tree
with roots so deep
yet leaves so free

the sun joined the tree
went inside its strong trunk
and deep inside
two thoughts were thunk

one became a man
very tall like the tree
the other a woman
whose spirit was finally free

inside they danced
no shame, no hate
just the man and the woman
their love was great

so great that the tree
could not contain love
so it burst at the roots
and they were sent above

to dance in the stars
that made their eyes shine
where all dreams that were yours
were also mine

to think this all started
with one little light
that refused to be extinguished
and tried to be bright.

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