Sunday, July 25, 2010

A crumbling foundation

i got to thinking today. when a foundation falls apart underneath you, you cant fix it while your structure is on top, at least not well enough to permenantly dispose of the problem. you have to destroy the current structure, lay a new foundation, and build a completely new structure. otherwise you get cracks, which can often lead to more serious problems.

the problem i have been having is feeling as though i am this structure, and the foundation i laid my life on has not been strong enough to support me, nor has it been serving its function as a cementing place for my life. this is probably one of the hardest things i have ever had to do.
i have to sit down, and figure out what needs to go, what stays, and where i need to rebuild. i cant do this based on what i believe others will do, say or feel. i have to do this based on whats going to help me the most, whats going to be most productive towards my goal and my life. it sounds selfish, but living my life to please others has gotten me no where.

God please give me the strength adn the wisdom to make the oncoming decisions, the courage to rebuild broken relationships, and the grace to make an easy transition.

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