Monday, November 30, 2009

Doors hate me

so in the last two days i have shut the same hand in about seven different things....resulting in an injured finger

1. shut it in the front door, causint the initial injury. my finger turned purple, bled under the nail, and needed to be immobilized for comfort.
2. mom accidently shut my hand in the car door, besides a tiny mark by my pinky knuckel, there is nothing to show for it
3. shut my hand i my desk drawer, finger began to go numb
4. shut my hand in my friends car door
5. shut my hand in my bathroom door
6. shut my hand in my doo, finger began to bleed again, tip is completely funny shaped..pretty sure its broken.. it hurts really bed
7. shut my finger in (drum roll please) the door to the food court!

As a result my middle finger on my left hand is bruised purple and white (dont ask me how i got white bruises i didnt know they were pssible until now) the tip is completely immobile and swollen, the nail may come off soon, and even to i have immoilized my finger i have a pretty good feeling that its broken. i also have a small bruise that is hardly noticable on my pinky knuckle, and despite being a little sore the rest of my hand is no worse for wear.

In conclusion. doors really hate me!

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  1. And how much of all this is due to the fact that you completely sleep-deprived yourself and allowed your blood sugars to crash?