Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deck the halls with bottles of pills-i need them extra strength ones

Holiday decorating can be the most insane part of my household. BUt at the same time i adore almost every minute of it. When we come together to decorate the tree, adding some extraodrinary bits and pieces that lead ot older memories and fond times, i cant help but smile and relax. Sure there are times when i am very stressed and want to tear my hair out by the roots. BUt without those times i cant appreciate the times when we work together as a family.

I love my family, they helped make me who i i dont love everything that happens involving my family. i dont love the mess and chaos we have sometimes. no i dont adore dirty diapers and potty training. I dont adore incessant chatter all the time, even though i am the one who starts it all.

Families and holidays are the same. stressful at times, but you dont remember much of that later on.

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