Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I just dont care anymore

you know....it seems all some people want is to either get you, or get you mad. it frustrates me. but stewing on it isnt going to help, it will only give me a screwed up back and a stomach ache. i dont care. its not worth it

im finally able to relax for the most part, my headaches are minimal, my stomach only hurts occasionally, and my back is getting better everyday. i havent had a seizure in a while..im happy

im very happy, i have an amazing boyfriend who would never do anything to hurt me, he loves me very much, and will do whatever it takes to help me, and i would do the same for him. Im back with my family, and life is good.

So give me the drama repellant, and send all complaints to the hand. i dont care

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