Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Im writing a song.....

being a vocal performance major, i get to be inspired randomly i guess. im writing a song, and i would love some help. still working out the tune...but the lyrics are hard. idk, i doubt this will ever be sold anywhere unless you like youtube and i get a way to put it there.

Here's what i have so far

Title: Golden Eyes

I sit beside you
Loving your eyes
As they shine that
lovely golden color
We get lost
as we dream
about the hopes we share

above the clouds
beside the moon
we float peacefully
among the stars
Our home is
made of orange peels
you look at me
them my head reels
and spins around....

I take a deep breathe
gotta calm down
i forgot how to breathe
gotta come around
wake me up
this cant be true
how did i get as lucky
as to have you?

Wake me up
before i fall
too hard
this is too good to be real
wake me up
as i melt
i find it so hard
to believe
you are mine...


I float on down
into your
embracing each other
your lips meet
and i know that this is true
I love you


now i dont know
that this
feeling is real
no matter what
i think it should be
but then i forget how to breathe


I love you

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