Friday, October 15, 2010

Who is it for?

Eleanor rigby
picks up the rice
at a church
where a wedding has been
its in a dream

waits at the window
wearing a face
that she keeps ina jar
by the door
who is it for?

all the lonely people
where do they all come from
all the lonely people
where do they all belong

today i was listening to one of my favorite songs of all time, Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. This last week and a half have been quite cruel, and i have been trying to put on a face to make it seem like it wasn't that bad. I didn't want people to worry, it could always be worse...but every time i said that it did get worse.

i didn't realize how bad it was. A couple of friends noticed i wasn't doing so well, even before i told them about it. but even with the support of my friends, i still feel utterly abandoned, so very alone. i feel isolated.
i guess i finally understand what that song means.

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