Friday, October 9, 2009

Some random thoughts about college life

51 things you would never think about before you go to college

1. You are actually moving away!
2. You have more space than you may think in the dorms
3. your roommate is not an evil villaness out to get you!
4. Shampoo works well as a body wash and a shaving cream
5. an all purpose cleaner keeps nastiness away
6. college furniture will eventually tip over and cause you pain.
7. Teachers dont bug you about homework
8. Attendance is not mandatory biut you are paying them so you might as well get your money's worth
9. College boys are no different than high schoolers.
10. Apparently hanging underwear in a tree outside gets them whiter
11. if you odnt have a trash can, just through it off the balcony onto my head please!
12. learn what you can about real life....being naiive opens doors that will allow you to be taken advantage of
13. Nerf guns can cause you more pain than you realize. split lips are a common side effect
14. Phones exist for a reason, dont be afraid to use them
15. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! if you fail you no longer have college as an option for that year...or possibly any other year
16. JObs are hardx to find, apply as early as possible
17. Money is scarce, do not, i repeat, do not take more than you need if you have to spend some
18. You are an adult now, real mistakes=real consequences
19. head phones become a neccessity if you want to get any sleep
20. Condoms are not rare around here. take a deep breath and get over it. unless you want to pick it up and through it away its going to be there a while.
21. no one cares about what you look like here
22. You can go to class in your pjs
23. You get really good exercise
24. Bikes would be a huge benefit
25. Watch out who you hang with, if you put yourself in a certain situation by yourself, its one hundred times harder to get out of it
26. Six hour saturday classes can be sheer torture
28.get lots of sleep, who knows when you are going to have to stay up and get some extra homework done.
29. Caffiene and coffee are your two new best friends
30. and something sweet
31. if you wander aorund long enough, its likely you can find something to do on campus
32. Or find free food
33. Sorities and Fraternities are often over rated. A lot of drama revolves around them. if you arent mature enough to handle it, dont join
34. Homesickness is a definite issue. you cant get rid of it, and its ok to cry once in a while. as long as no one is watching
35. You will haav elots of free time, find something constructive to do with it. after homework that is
36. Take little breaks when doing your homework, it improves focus and helps prevent homework over load.
37. Test programs can and will crash your computer
38. Boys are yucky....most of the time. dont swoon for the first cute one who tells you that you are gorgeous. if you make him work for it, he will respect you more.
39. Boys are not a neccessity, you can live with out them
40. College is over rated half of the time, others it is under rated.
41. Sometimes paying a little extra for housing would probably be better
42. Suite mates who have no courtesy are very common
43. COllege kids will steal anything that isnt nailed down
44. Activity hours for college kids start at about 5 at night until about five in the morning
45. That is, non-campus functions
46. People will respect your values, you dont have to drink
47. Or smoke
48. and you definitely dont need to do drugs
49. Febreeze is a good thing
50. its ok to wear clothes more than once
51. DOnt take advantage of anyone, you will feel terrible

whether or not these apply to you personally is not the question, these are concepts i have derived from my own observations.

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  1. You left out "That smell is probably your shoes, wash them."